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Hello JavaScript

Górska polana i zalesione wzgórze.

Hello Java Script, the most popular programing language in the IT world, according to GitHub news. According to the latest research published by GitHub, JavaScript is the most used programming language at the moment.

I could write that since JavaScript is the most popular programming language, I will learn it, but the truth is a bit more prosaic. I came back to the WTF course. What is this frontend?

Before I discovered layer in a project

One of the tasks of the course is to prepare an application to count the glasses of water drunk on a given day. Super simple task. I struggled a bit with the page template before discovering the “obvious obvious” that if an SVG graphic has several layers, it can still be packed as one element in the HTML code. True and simple.

I finally cut the template and it’s a great time to interact with the application. First, counting glasses: addition and subtraction in the range 0 -100. Super simple, went smoothly. Saving information to localStorage also without any problem. The real challenge began with trying to create a story from the last 7 days.

Timeline in JavaScript

Theoretically, after several hours of reflecting on the solution and searching for new problems, I could write this code in a not very elegant way. It probably would work, but it wouldn’t be the code I want to push to GitHub. Unfortunately, the programming awareness is growing and what was acceptable to me in the “Strip Expotentation” project is no longer. In general, I will also want to improve that project, but it will be in some time.

I have come to the point where learning JavaScript seriously is “the only way” to go on. Especially since I’m very interested in Node.JS and React. Of course, I could put off learning JS a little longer and play around with HTML and CSS, but I like a website to be interactive. How something happens, how you can click something and see the effect. Static pages are only fun for selling online courses ?

JavaScript just like Excel 1997

Of course, I would like to point out immediately that JavaScript has one huge disadvantage: it cannot count. It is like Microsoft Excel from 1997, which uses the simplest mathematical equations as a young adept in mathematical art, whose sticks fell on the wrong pile when adding it, but it makes no difference. Seriously, for reasons I don’t know, JavaScript can show the result of a division in a strange way, which shouldn’t be weird.

However, I understand that in the world of web applications this is not a problem, because calculations are performed on the backend using programming languages that are better at dealing with mathematics. For me, it only means that once I have mastered JS, I will have to understand, for example, PHP to implement some projects that I have in mind. Ah, this IT world is always something new to learn ?

Coming back to learning JS, thankfully Jonas Schmedtmann has a JavaScript course on Udemy. I will not dwell once again on how much knowledge Jonas gives, for a dozen of polish zlotys, but I will only repeat that it is worth it. The knowledge is up-to-date, and the tutor tries to convey a comprehensive picture of the issue, so as to have a broad understanding of the issue.

From the curiosities for this week, I learned that in the if and else if conditions, you can pass a boolean variable, and then you do not have to write the condition itself, e.g. if the variable “test” is boolean, then the if condition can be written like this:

if (test) {

code to do;


True, a nice way to simplify the code.

This week I spent 10 hours programming. The first half of the week is the aforementioned layout for the application of a glass of water, the second part of the week is learning JavaScript from scratch.

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