How to use PHP to communicate with SQL Base

Chmura nad Placem Legionów we Wrocławiu

When you master building a static website, you are ready for the next big step in your web developer carrier: “Active website”. You can use PHP and SQL server to reach this goal. Of course, there are a lot of CMS services ready to use, just like WordPress, but still, it’s worth knowing how they […]

How to hide the menu on the website

Sunset in the city.

Sometimes the website menu, that covers all screen is good. I did it once, but it’s taken me some time, to discover how to do that. Another case, from web developer road, from the category: easy to imagine, more difficult to code. In this post, I share with you some tricks to do that on […]

How tricky Javascript can be?

University of Wrocław on the Odra river.

This week showed me, how tricky JavaScript can be, especially when you need to do something for your client. Here how it goes: the client wants some functions and you think it simple, no problem I can do this. But after meeting, when you sit down in front of your computer, you wrote code and […]

The most popular JavaScript debug tool

River near forest at autumn.

If you ask JavaScript developers, which debugs tool they used most, they probably will answer you that consol.log is this tool. I’m not sure why is that. Using console.log it merely’s that’s some kind of standard but there is an easier way to check what’s going on in your code. In this post, I would […]

Useful tools for web developers

Autumn landscape

When you want to make a website with will be highly ranked in Google Search Engine, and people wouldn’t have problems opening this site and will smoothly interact with it you need to use several tools to check if your website is perfectly designed. In this post, I has been wrote about these tools I […]

Virtual Linux Server

Would you like to have your Linux server for testing, but not necessarily paid solutions available on the market? You can have your test server set up on a virtual machine, fully accessible from the terminal. This is a great solution that allows you to play with the server at home with virtual impunity. All […]

Material.IO final clash

Widok na rzekę z drzewami na brzegach.

Today I wrote about my short adventure with Material.IO. It’s a package from Google to build your website easily. On Material Design website you can find everything you need to know before you use this package. I heard that from my Boss, so I thought: great new knowledge to collect. I dived in.

The first year of programming is behind me

Zapora na jeziorze Czorsztyńskim.

A year has passed, and I promised myself that after a year there would be a summary. Since I promised, it is, although I don’t know exactly what should be included in such a programming summary. Greatest achievements in the programming world, plans to reach new programming skills, what has gone well, what has failed? […]

I love Grid

Widok na górską dolinę.

I like Grid more and more every day. But the story started a few years ago. Once, as part of the digitization of tools at work, I transferred the form from the paper version to Excel. The condition was that when printing the excel file, the form had to be identical to the original version […]