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WordPress vs SEO

Night at the river.

WordPress is often used for low-budget websites to see if an idea will work. It may turn out that the website doesn’t reach large ranges, among others because the creator didn’t take care of even minimal optimization for SEO.
Yes, this is a true story about myself and my own experience. SEO + WordPress ??? Does it matter? I thought a website based on WordPress is SEO Friendly 🙂 Yes, it is, but….

Well, using WordPress alone isn’t enough for search engines to notice the page. One of the sites I’ve been running for three years is still not indexed well, but somehow I didn’t notice it before. Finally, I got interested in the topic and found a few things that can be done without spending money on SEO. If you build a website based on WordPress it’s worth making these few tricks, to improve your client’s happiness.

Some WordPress themes loading slow

First, performance. Even a website that is well optimized for keywords will be difficult to position in the search engines if the loading time is long. The speed of page loading, especially on mobile devices, is essential today. Unfortunately, some templates suffer from a dramatic code excess. An excellent tool for measuring critical parameters on the website is provided by Google at https://web.dev/

SEO plugin for WordPress

Second, you should install an SEO management plugin. The Rank Math SEO plugin is worth recommending. After installation, you can perform an SEO review of the website, as a result of which you will receive ready-made tips to implement. Besides, this plugin will take care of updating site maps in search engines.

An important element is also the appropriate construction of links to posts. Fortunately, Rank Math can take care of that as well.
Another issue is the permission for the website to be indexed by search engines. It turns out that sometimes this option is disabled in WordPress settings and you have to enable it. Fortunately, it’s not difficult, you just need to know where to click: settings -> reading and it is called “Ask search engines not to index this site”. If you don’t want to work on the unknown depths of the darknet, this option shouldn’t be checked.

Web Developer aren’t SEO master usually 😉

The next steps are to work on each post so that the phrases used in it are also optimized for SEO. This is probably the most difficult element because it requires a balance between naturalness and the content of keywords. Fortunately, this isn’t a web developer job.

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