The first year of programming is behind me

A year has passed, and I promised myself that after a year there would be a summary. Since I promised, it is, although I don’t know exactly what should be included in such a programming summary. Greatest achievements in the programming world, plans to reach new programming skills, what has gone well, what has failed? Maybe that’s a good starting point.

How long you need to learn programming before your first job?

Summing up this year, one question comes to my mind: how are bootcamp people able to find a job? The amount of material to be assimilated is incredible.

Worse, assimilation is one thing and practice is another entirely. It’s no secret that nowadays a junior web developer should be able to slice a template and then implement interactivity with it using Angular or React.

Of course, when writing markup in HTML, you must follow the accepted rules, and in CSS you must know a framework. Each of these programming skills requires many hours of work.

Let’s take a CSS framework to show clearly what I mean. Recently I was given the task to implement Material.IO on the website. Apart from the fact that it took me a long time to find the source materials, it quickly turned out that it was necessary to implement a Webpack in the project to implement Material.IO.

Great great, I can learn something again. But here’s the tricky part: time flies and the project stands still. Fortunately, no one is accounting for deadlines yet, but let’s imagine now that I started working at Software House. No task is done, the project doesn’t go forward, I have failed my team.

In fact, I’m not surprised that I could only look for holes and possibly suggest a way to patch them in my practice time in Software House.
More about my Material.IO crash test you can find in this post: Material.IO final clash.

Is it possible to learned programming in 8 weeks?

To sum up, after a year of l programming learning, I cannot understand how in 8 weeks someone is supposed to learn to program from scratch and find a job as an employee contributing to the team.

But I understand those who say that this type of training is selling dreams. Of course, there are people in the world who learn at an express pace, or who have studied before, and now only want to organize their knowledge. Such people will probably get as much as possible from the course and find a job and stay in it for longer, but someone who starts from scratch? I was a waiter, now I’m a programmer in 8 weeks. Seriously?

What I’ve learned in one-year programming learning?

Let’s go back to my path in the IT world. Recently, I saw a graphic that showed how much knowledge a web developer must have now and it scared me a bit.

Not that I’m fearful or dislike learning, but the knowledge to learn is the ocean.

Today I write markup in HTML, apparently good. In addition, in CSS, I use a grid and flexbox, so I have some basics. In the near future, I hope to grasp at least the basics of Material.IO and try to use it more widely.

What’s my next step in the programming world?

I started a WordPress course. I know some people consider WordPress a dying technology, but the numbers don’t reflect that. What’s more, if a friend asks me if I can do a website for him, of course, only WordPress is involved. I would like to improve my blog myself and I have an idea for two pages and it will rather be WordPress, because I will probably do it myself, and I already know something about this CMS, and recently even more.

As for React, I have bought a course, but I still think that I need to get familiar with Vanilia JS first. I already know something there, but most of all how extensive the language is and how much I have to learn about it.

I’ve already learned the basic logic of building an application in JS, you can even see how it works in my portfolio, but they are still very basic projects. The most important thing for me is that I already know what React can be useful for and what it can do, what Vanilia JS cannot handle. What’s more, I also know how tricky JavaScript can be, and you can read about this in this post: How tricky JavaScript can be?

Am I happy about last year of learning?

Summarizing this year, I learned a lot, but I’m aware that this is a drop in the ocean of knowledge. However, I have great satisfaction with this learning and I’m going to calmly intend to continue along the path of IT, discovering new nooks and crannies. As for the blog, plans have not changed so far. Every week I will post a summary and some curiosities or “know-how” so that it will not be boring.

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