Material.IO final clash

Today I wrote about my short adventure with Material.IO. It’s a package from Google to build your website easily. On Material Design website you can find everything you need to know before you use this package. I heard that from my Boss, so I thought: great new knowledge to collect. I dived in.

Material.IO documentation

I found the documentation, and I was convinced that I understand what it was about, but when it came to implementation, I fell completely. Everything has become unclear and impossible to implement. In theory, beautiful possibilities, the whole freely modifiable, but my personal practice shows that it is an ocean of possibilities on which you sail without a map or a helmsman.

Finally, I give up. I couldn’t find any valuable course about this stuff and I told my Boss that is too much for me. Fortunately, he didn’t force me to work with Material.IO anymore. I hope that if I ever have to come back to the topic, I will at least find good quality study materials. In this matter, even the paid materials have not been found good enough to master the practical application.

Server site for Web Developer

Enough about mysterious frameworks in the web developer’s world. Sometimes it’s good to figure out what’s going on the server site. At the end of the day, we build a website, but without a server, their values are equal to zero. This week I found out that Microsoft provides developers with a free version of SQL server that can be installed on a Windows desktop. Microsoft SQL Server Express together with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can be safely used for learning. The first install maybe I little confusing. I installed three servers before I was able to did it the way I wanted. However, at the end of the day, we get an interesting learning tool. How to install and run this tool can be found here:

Summary of my web developer learning week

This week I spent 8 hours on corrections to the website project I am co-creating. Where for some reason I haven’t introduced the grid yet, I did so by asking myself why it was so late. I was also working on configuring my own Webpack and in general I understand the principles of this tool, but it was not enough that at some point in the configuration the webpack stopped working and did not want to accept new modules.

Summarizing briefly, this week showed me how much science on my web developer road still lies ahead of me.

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