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What about learning react.js

Widok na góry ze schroniska Szczeliniec

Instead of practice, the first classes were mostly held in the form of lectures. On the one hand, it can be said that theoretical introduction is always needed, but on the other hand, practice is much more effective when it comes to remembering than passive absorption of knowledge. So much for school, what about React?

React.js learning in practice

A lot has changed in the code of the timing application itself, but ultimately by the end of the week, it wasn’t able to run fully functional. Yes, the “Start NOW” button started working and even makes the editor field gray, but the numbers showing the running time are missing. Several people started a code review of this application, but the problem remains unresolved. It is starting to be very irritating because I am currently a week and a half late in the course. On the other hand, it is even good, because the tension is gone, that I have to fly with the course on time. Thanks to that I can focus better on the details, and this week I’m going to polish JavaScript Fundamentals to better understand React.Js later.

What else this week besides learning React.Js?

The project “strip exponentiation” in JavaScript also stopped, because I didn’t have time to code over the weekend, and so far I’m implementing it on weekends. I have a problem with data transfer in it, therefore a quick overview of the basic principles of creating page mechanisms in JavaScript will be useful to me.

That’s it this week. Ten hours of uneven combat with React.js mechanics and still the problem not resolved. If I fail to solve this problem at the beginning of the week, I will continue the course on the code borrowed from someone, or I will return to 100% commitment to WTF What is the frontend, I will finish there and only return to the React.JS Course since I already have a serious back.

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