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This week could be briefly described as me vs. video editing. There was not much programming, but I found a very interesting video editing program with a huge number of editing options it’s free, and it started like this:

The daughter got into filming on YT. There were no problems with it because it is enough to record a video with a mobile phone and then upload it to YT. At most, trim the beginning and the end. But what to do when the film was recorded not at home, but outside? The sound quality is poor and the background noise is considerable. I thought it would be good to throw some music in the background to cover the noise. A brilliant idea, but how to implement it? Program needed. For two days I searched, on the third day I trained in the operation, and on the fourth day it turned out that home laptops will not pull rendering. That’s how I spent my afternoons this week. What about programming?

Fortunately, from the very beginning, I decided to learn to program in the morning. With this approach, there was time to program during the holidays, there was also time to program this week. According to the plan, I am learning PHP in anticipation of the start of the program “What this frontend. ” So far, mainly a reminder: operators, loops, etc. Could be omitted, but on the other hand, I built “Janek’s Shop” from a book about PHP so long ago that refreshing knowledge will be useful. Four hours of reminder was enough, and next week the third stage of the Machine Learning Crown challenge.

Returning for a moment to the program for video processing, it is called DaVinci Resolve and I heartily recommend it. Without watching the 40-minute tutorial you can not do it, but then it is easy.

Finally, an interesting page I found: On the site you can find online emulators of various operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, FreeBSD, KolobriOS, or, for example, MS-DOS. I heartily recommend, if only out of curiosity, to see what other operating systems look like.

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