Coming back after the holidays

The first week of study, after the summer break. I needed a vacation to catch my breath and think about what to do next. Three weeks without programming confirmed my belief that I like to do it. I want to learn new things and test them in practice.

The first week after the holidays is always tricky for me because I need to re-break into a certain framework of action. The study, work, family, sport, and rest. In order to make good use of the day, I have a weekly action plan and a day with well-defined sections for particular types of activities. The only problem is that from blissful doing nothing, returning to an active day is not easy. In my opinion, this is mainly due to the greater load on the body, which could be felt on Wednesday.
On Thursday and Friday, I threw in more slack to “get to the weekend”. But I think next week will be better.

Despite the adaptive working week, I was able to make some important corrections to the website I create. First, I have prepared a drop-down menu in the mobile version. When creating it, for the first time I encountered a situation in which the author of the WTF course something worked, and for me, something did not. It took me two days to figure out the subject, but in the end, I succeeded. On this occasion, I also found out how much value this course gives because I solved the problem myself based on the knowledge gained during the course. The second half of the course is ahead of me, but before I jump into it, I would like to work a little more on the mobile version of the site, which will probably take me a day or two.

The page referred to in the paragraph above is available on GitHub pages at: Ultimately, I would like it to be a homepage on The blog will become part of this site, next to larger articles, photos from places visited, and a page
with dwarfs, where photos of my daughter with Wrocław dwarfs will be available. Such a publishing plan for the coming months.

This week I spent a total of eight and a half hours with frontend.

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