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React.js the first week of attending the online course

Widok na Śnieżne Kotły niedaleko Łabskiego szczytu.

How can I describe the first week of the React.Js course? No more stroking your head and telling you that learning to program is easy, simple, and fun. The time of hard plowing on the fallow has come. Nothing is easy, there is no time to play and the slogan “works for me” … does not work.

There is no hand guiding in the React.JS course

This is how I could sum up the first week of participation in the React.js course. 13 hours of learning, where the tutor shows a general scheme of action on his own example, but you have to prepare another element of the application or an extended variant of what the tutor showed. This requires a completely different level of understanding of what is being discussed in the lessons. It takes time, commitment, and support from the group. Fortunately, I’ve managed to wade through and build an almost fully functional online timer. “Almost” because it still lacks a few elements.

Piece of code from React.Js course

React.js itself is a very interesting language for me, giving a lot of possibilities. The first two days I thought that I would quit the course, but now I see that it is only a problem of getting into a given technology. At the end of the week, I can say that I’m already beginning to understand something. Something more dawns in your head. I can even arrange the small elements of the application myself. I’m curious what else can be done with this technology.

But what’s more apart from React.JS course

Apart from React.js, at the end of the week, I found a moment to return to the WTF course “What that Frontend”. We’ve just got lessons on JavaScript and looping. The first time someone explained to me what the for-in loop is all about. Until now, I used it very reluctantly, because I didn’t understand where the names of the variables in the variable definition came from. Now I know that it is only up to the programmer how to call the “working” variable that will hold the individual elements of the processed file. It’s so simple that in all the courses I have done so far, no one has translated it 🙂

This week has been very intense, and the announcement before the second week of the React.js course shows that the next week will also be demanding. Fortunately, summer is ending so it will be much easier to find some free time to study.

On Saturday, for the sake of relaxation, I took a page that will break exponentiation into multiplication and multiplication into addition. I used to make such an application in python, but it didn’t quite want to work when embedded on the server. Then I promised myself that if I got a grip on JavaScript, I would transfer the mechanics to JavaScript and set up a website that would be available to everyone.

The first steps in JavaScript are behind me, so I started the website. For now, the form is working, and it saves the values correctly to Local Storage. In addition, for testing purposes, it displays the data entered on the website after clicking the button. In the second step, I want to transfer the mechanics of the application and leave the styling for dessert. I think a few fireworks in CSS will be a great enrichment for this simple APP : D

This week I was programming for almost 19 hours.

In August 45 hours in total, most of which it turns out in the last week 🙂

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