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This week, I continue exploring the nooks and crannies of JavaScript and solving design problems when creating the “Strip exponentiation” application in JavaScript.

Finally, I understand more of the mechanics of JavaScript and therefore understand why certain things in ReactJs are written this way and not the other way. Thanks to this, I was able to get down to the mechanics of the application to break down exponentiation into multiplication and addition. Initially, I struggled with it, because I wanted to build the mechanics into a function. Perhaps in a larger application, it would make sense, but for me, after pressing the key, all the code should run immediately. There is no alternative. Pressing the button runs the code and spits out two extra divs with results. As soon as I approached it this way, I wrote some code that works. There is a graphic layer to be done, but to get a bit of it I need to consolidate the basics of CSS and HTML5. For this, I purchased a Featured Course on Udemy. I’ll see if it’s actually as good as they describe it.

This week, 7 hours of work with JavaScript.

How the Strip Expotentation project finished, you can check here: WebApp Strip Expotentation

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