Loading repo to GitHub

Can something go wrong when I just want to load a repo on GitHub? Of course 🙂

To begin with, I would like to point out that I personally find out that people in the IT industry are amazing. They are happy to help, they understand that someone can just learn and “hardly glues”. In my short history, I have already met with programmers on two projects. One was implemented by me with the graceful name “Strip Multiplication” and the other concerning the development of an algorithm predicting the intensity of smog in the hourly interval.

In both cases, the people I correspond with are wonderful. For example, when I found that Python was not suitable for the backend in the Strip Multiplication project, Daniel thought it was a matter of different code arrangements. And I had an epiphany coming back from the store that you could try to change the variable type from int to str using the list. You know what? Works 🙂  Thanks Daniel!  What’s more, after implementing the solution with the variable type, there were problems with the transfer of variables between the HTML form and Python. Daniel has also solved this problem, so most likely next week the Strip Multiplication project will be available to the public.

Coming back for a moment to the problems with Github. Apparently, everything is simple, because I set up a repo on Github, then I connect to the local repo and do a push. The condition is one. The Repo from Github cannot be behind the local repo. I don’t know why it happened to me. I probably clicked something wrong creating a repo on Github. I  can’t do a merge,  I can’t push. There is an option git reset –hard origin. It works, but the local history went papa. Fortunately, too many interesting things in history did not happen. In the future, I need to focus more when setting up repos on GitHub. Besides, since git reset –hard origin, I communicate with GitHub great. I even pushed out a new branch of 🙂 We will see how this communication will proceed.

Of the interesting things I discovered this week, it’s the noisli.com site. This is a website where you can compose your own “noise” and let go of your headphones. Personally, music helps me to concentrate, provided that it is relatively monotonous and without words. I wouldn’t call the sounds noisli.com music, but the sound is monotonous, so it’s suitable.

This week, due to the May weekend, is very short, so in learning to program I did not notice too much progress. You could say that this is surprising because the free time from a job means more time for hobbies. That’s true, but with my workaholism, a real rest, away from the computer and work, will do me good in the long run.

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