Is it worth using the CSS framework?

For the last two weeks, I have been fighting myself. I was wondering:
does the CSS Framework really speed up the writing of the page code? Or is it easier to write CSS code from scratch yourself?

You can also find voices on the web, it’s best to build your own CSS Framework from the most used items. Still not sure about the approach, maybe it all depends on the project, or maybe on the developer preferences?

Start my CSS Framework journey with a framework named Material.IO

After a review of CSS Framework available solutions. I focused on Material.IO myself. Mainly because it is Framework prepared by Google, so there is a shadow of a chance that it will position itself better ?

The first and most important problem with this framework is that the technical documentation is buried on Github.

You enter the site main and after reviewing
you intuitively click on the Develop tab, and then Web tabs and you get a short tutorial on how to implement each component on the page and that’s it.

In fact, there is information that components are modifiable, but not a word about how to modify them.

How in hell using Material.IO CSS Framework?

This way I got stuck for a few days because joined
Material.IO to the project with no problem, but I had a problem with the modification of elements.

Fortunately, I finally found the constituting page complete information package for Material.IO components-web-catalog /

You will find all the components that the CSS Framework offers along with information on how to add them to the project and how to optimize them for your own needs.

Surprising it is for me that the company with the largest search engine on the web, yes buried information about her own product.

Exciting news from the CSS world.

Finally, one more curiosity from the CSS world. Down CSS capabilities added a writing-mode attribute that allows you to compose text from
left to right, right to left, and more interestingly rotate the text 90 degrees in the container in which it is located.

This opens up exciting new possibilities before designers. The only inconvenience is the lack of support from IE11 and Opera Mini.

In total, for the last two weeks of programming
i spent 17 hours.

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