I got lost in ReactJs

I got lost in ReactJs, got lost in JavaScript, does anyone have a map to exit? This is how you could summarize the past week.

ReactJs course moves on…

In the ReactJs course, we moved states and data up and down. A super nice option, but how to do it yourself? Nine hours of learning and trying have ended with the ability to transfer state between components for now, and even in all components it updates correctly but does not trigger the action it was designed for. I tried and tried but it didn’t work out. Finally, I decided to take a step back and do the basics again. What is what in ReactJS, and how does it connect and move? I found a Codevolution channel on YouTube which has a ReactJS course from scratch. It is true that the leader is from India, so English is quite specific but understandable and, most importantly, it explains the issues the way I like: theory and then practice. I hope that thanks to this I will be able to tame the problems I encountered when creating an app that counts the time and I will go further in the course led by Michał.

On Saturday I sat down to an application that turns exponentiation into multiplication and multiplication into addition. Everything was great, except that passing data between the JavaScript function and HTML caused the expected problem. Actually, exactly the same that I encountered while writing this Python application. So far I have not solved the problem, but I think that the vast knowledge available on the Internet will help me solve this problem. If I cannot find a solution on my own, there are also groups on FB where people are eager to share their knowledge. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the app is ready.

This week I spent 10 hours programming.

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