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That had to happen at some point. However, I thought that only in the holidays. Unfortunately, there are weeks when, despite all the enthusiasm and willingness to learn, not much comes out of it. However, I believe that such weeks are needed for learning. Why?

This week has shown me that learning about the program still turns me on. On Monday, I was a bit sorry that in the morning it was not possible to use even an hour for learning. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn’t have much time to think about it. On Thursday, despite the late return home and fatigue, I could not stand it and sat down for an hour to study. On Friday, I also carved out a lot of time to study. That’s how I’ve always thought about hobbies. I was convinced that if I found this “something” I would not be able to deal with this “something” for a long time. And there it is and I’m happy that I found it.

What did I do this week?

In learning Frontend, we start with HTML. I was immediately surprised, because I thought that HTML was only: <head>, <body>, <div> and <footer>. What great ignorance I lived in. I even thought I’d write a short article about how to construct a page in HTML according to the W3C guide, but this guide is a lot of documentation to read. So I was stuck in this place for a while. When I last watched a video on the YT Hello Roman channel, where it explains how much it takes to learn the front and on HTML gives 4-5 weeks, I did not believe it. Now I know that if you want to use HTML and according to the standards, a month of learning may not be enough.

Completion of 1st semester at school

June in the calendar and the end of the first semester of the Technical School of Information Technology is behind me. I like this school, but one thing I can’t understand. Do you know what subjects were the most difficult to pass? Note: Health and Safety and Entrepreneurship. As for health and safety, of course for our safety and OK so be it. Entrepreneurship is a completely different pair of wellies. Fixed costs, variable costs, balance sheets, taxes, OMG. What if I want to work in a large corporation, do I really need all this knowledge? Even if I start my own business, won’t the accountant take it for me? Isn’t it sometimes the case that the best business leaders are those who are masters in their field, and the rest of the issues are delegated? Is it not the case that specialists in everything usually do not have time for anything and instead of developing the company and enjoying more and more successes, all available time directs into the current maintenance of the company?

With these questions, I leave you, and if you feel like exchanging views on this topic, I invite you to leave your opinion in the comment to this post.

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