First IT Exam

This week I have my first IT Exam, then I have a lot of relaxation.

LinkedIn has introduced the possibility of confirming the skills declared on its profile through a 15-minute test. I decided to try my hand. The first was the Git acquaintance test. I passed it, which warmed me up and decided to follow the blow immediately and try my hand at the HTML5 test. What could go wrong?

IT Exam in HTML5 Topic

After all, HTML5 isn’t even a programming language, but a tool for describing what is on the page. I didn’t pass. The creators of the HTML5 knowledge test reached into the deepest recesses of the documentation and pulled out the tags that I saw for the first time. On the one hand, I’m surprised, but on the other hand, I’m glad that there is so much more to be discovered.

IT Exam on paper :)

I can start the next IT Exam on HTML5 in three months. I haven’t run other tests yet, because I decided to prepare myself before each test, so as not to wait another three months. No kidding. I wonder how the recruiters will look at these confirmed competencies? Will they benefit from this, or will it rather remain as a form of self-checking for LinkedIn users?

JavaScript It knowledge Exam

In addition to testing my skills, this week I took care of organizing my JavaScript knowledge. I would like to end the “Strip exponentiation” project in JavaScript, and for that, I need more knowledge about moving data between JavaScript functions. I found a course on Udemy that was conducted in a way that I feel comfortable with and with the current version of JavaScript ES6. We will see if I can handle the project after its completion.

I like the clock mechanics even more. However, I have run out of time for intensive study lately and the course train has left and I don’t have the strength to chase it. A hobby is a hobby if there is time and willingness to take care of it, and if not, not. There was definitely little time for the hobby this week. Actually, only in the morning, because in the afternoon I was either exhausted or I had something else to do. In this way, I devoted only three hours to learning. Even over the weekend, I couldn’t get myself together.

Nevertheless, I consider this week important because I managed to regenerate and confirm that I can use Git a little more than just git push and git pull 🙂
More about how I use Git you can find here: Git Flow

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