Finally, I made the Git course

This week I practically verified the thesis: “If only I had more time, I would…” I had a lot of time, that is, 40 hours more than in other weeks because I had a week off. What came of this? More on this later.

This week I finished the Git course published by Maciej Aniserowicz. I will write more about Gita in one of the next entries. In general, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this tool, even if you do not program, but deal with some large projects. Git can help you when you get into the so-called dead end.

The rest of the week is learning Python. However, unlike the previous week, this time not ML, but a microservice www. My daughter effectively reminds me from time to time that I promised to make publicly available code that breaks exponentiation into multiplication and multiplication into addition. The code is ready, a little worse with packaging it in a working website, but after this week I already have the concept in my head. We will see how the implementation goes.

Out of curiosity, I discovered a nice service The idea of the service is to solve increasingly difficult problems in a specific programming language. There are over 40 languages to choose from including Python, SQL, PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Ruby. All this is maintained in the style of a martial arts school, so we gain further kyu degrees in a given language and we can also take part in Kumite, i.e. solving a problem on time, racing against a rival.

To sum up, this week I spent:

  • 3:30 h training with Gita;
  • 8:25 training in Python.

In total, less than 12 hours versus 10 hours from the previous week. Thus, I can boldly refute the myth that if I had more free time, I would … As you can see, it doesn’t work for me. Although I had a plan to finish the book “Move your head. Python” by Paul Barry and start producing a microservice commissioned by my daughter, plans are one thing, and life is a completely different reality.

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