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CSS is the BEST

Widok ze szczytu nad śnieżnymi kotłami.

CSS is the BEST, the sequel to the extremely engaging CSS course on Udemy. This week, I can still confirm what I wrote in the previous one. The Advanced CSS course from Jonas Schmedtmann is the best CSS course I have done so far. You will find there both theoretical basics and a lot of practice and various tricks.

Before writing what I learned in CSS this week, I would like to mention a very interesting operating system design. It turns out that Prepersi, in addition to their endless food rations, water filters, and a million tools to gain a technological advantage in the post-apocalyptic world, will need an operating system that can be run on any electrowaste.

On this computer you don't need CSS

Collapse OS is an operating system that is supposed to run on 8-bit chips currently available in almost every electronic device. Basically, it will communicate with the display and keyboard. The idea is really interesting and worth observing. I can already imagine fans racing in their futuristic visions of computers after a great catastrophe to which humanity has been galloping continuously for a very long time. I also wonder why not try to directly implement the operating system with, for example, Atari 80XL, it was also 8 bit.

How to protect good website view thank’s CSS properties?

Coming back from an indefinite future to the here and now with CSS. The most interesting trick I learned about this week is page scaling based on the font size set in the user’s browser. It is known that some people have their browser settings regarding the font size. When this happens, some pages become unreadable, or at best, do not look as good as the default font size. What to do so that increasing or decreasing the font in the browser does not ruin the appearance of the page?

One possibility is to use rem units on the website. Rem refers to root computed font size, which is the size of the font set in the HTML or body tag. Also at this point, the browser overrides its default settings as to the font size on the page. Hence the conclusion that the page will scale well if we relate all size units on the page to the font-size defined in HTML or body. This significantly increases the chance of a good appearance of the website, regardless of the personal settings in the user’s browser.

NPM become my friend

This week I also took care of setting up NPM for a new project and I understood a bit more than my last setup. Maybe it’s the way of translating, or maybe just going through the process once again has made me understand more. Not only that, I am able to move the packages of interest to me between configurations. I think the next step should be to prepare your original design package.

I spent 5 hours with the code this week. Still less than the planned 10 hours a week, but I’m slowly fine-tuning the schedule for the week and there is a chance that the number of hours will increase.

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