A modern way to build an HTML website

This week there was a real breakthrough in the way that I build an HTML website. Until now, I was learning the basics of HTML and CSS, and thus I was working like a dozen years ago. Editing index.html and style.css. By combining these two files, the browser generated the page. This is the past, now I create websites in a new way.

Necessary tools to build HTML website

Gulp, SCSS, Node.js are just fun. It is true that it requires a slightly different approach to creating a website, but it gives many more possibilities. For example, I am now using a package, thanks to which I can open the created page immediately on the monitor and on the phone, and on the tablet. You can, of course, simulate mobile devices thanks to Chrome’s developer add-ons, but a real device is quite another.

Armed with new technologies, I started rebuilding my home page. By the way, I reflected on its current appearance and found that it needs refreshing. Looking at the page, I had the impression that it looked like it was created several years ago. It didn’t suit me, I looked around the internet a bit and, inspired by other sites, prepared my template using grid technology. By the way, it turned out that when using SCSS, you have to carefully choose parents and children of CSS classes, otherwise the content of the page does not position itself as I would like.

React.JS to build UX in HTML website

This week, I also found out what React.js is. The topic interested me so much that I am starting the course next week. I was wondering for a moment if it was too early, but on the other hand, a junior is now very often required to know at least one framework. React.js seems fine for me. It is also a fairly popular framework, which may help in a possible job search.

The holidays are still going on and you can feel it. It’s hard to find free time to program because there’s always something going on. Despite this, it was possible to set aside eight hours for learning. The plan is to devote at least 10 hours a week to learning from next week. It will be even more useful because I am finishing the WTF course, I am starting the React.js course and I am still working on my own website.

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