HTML Static WebPage

Technikum leśne w Miliczu

This week I finished the first draft of my home HTML Webpage. Thanks to the fact that it consists of several subpages, and each of them requires a different content layout, I have learned a lot. It is still a static HTML webpage, but fully responsive.

Coming back after the holidays

Widok dawnej zabudowy Milicza

The first week of study, after the summer break. I needed a vacation to catch my breath and think about what to do next. Three weeks without programming confirmed my belief that I like to do it. I want to learn new things and test them in practice.

Rest thanks avoid electronics

Chmura nad Placem Legionów we Wrocławiu

It’s time to start the holidays. Admittedly, only from Monday, but I have already given myself a holiday mood, and this week I barely licked programming. Maybe it’s because on the last straight the main goal was to close the topics at work, or maybe because I simply avoid contact with electronics during the holidays […]

learn dynamics

Widok na Bardo

When betting on long-term learning, you have to reckon with the fact that sometimes there is more time to learn, and sometimes there is less time. Of course, you can “buckle up” and train in a short period of time, but …

Data Workshop

ja w autonomicznym samochodzie przyszłości

This week I was learning how to train my own car. Thanks to participation in the five-day challenges from the Crown of Machine Learning series, organized by Data Workshop, I could practically see how the process of learning an autonomous car works. Of course, in the simplified version, the scheme of operation is the same, […]

Video editing


This week could be briefly described as me vs. video editing. There was not much programming, but I found a very interesting video editing program with a huge number of editing options it’s free, and it started like this:

How I use Git

rynek z mostu grunwaldzkiego

Git hit my ears a few times before I even decided to jump into learning programming. I’ve even heard that some people use Gita to prepare presentations. It intrigued me, but never enough to learn Git. All in all, Git was only associated with GitHub, but it’s not the same. How is it now?

Finally, I made the Git course

wiosenne zdjecie

This week I practically verified the thesis: “If only I had more time, I would…” I had a lot of time, that is, 40 hours more than in other weeks because I had a week off. What came of this? More on this later.

Organization of the week

kalendarz elektroniczny

You can have ambitious goals and long-term plans, but without good organization, it is difficult to reach the goal. It is said that those who have goals but do not achieve them, swing in the clouds, and are detached from reality. Friends ask me, where do I get time for work, hobbies, and family? I […]

Machine Learning sample of use

This week has been very intense. A training trip, a five-day challenge from DataWorkshop, the first “customer”, and at the weekend a school. It’s good that I have a day off next week. It was happening and it was time to take stock of the week.