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Why I learn Python

Ostrów Tumski

Christmas is a time of reflection, so I also had a moment for programming reflection. I’m learning Python for two reasons. One is ML the other, it’s writing web applications. The latter reason turns out to be an insurmountable path for the moment. Why?

For a very simple reason. Web applications written in Python have enormous possibilities, including the fact that all traffic analytics can take place at the website owner. There is no need to connect Google Analytics or other applications that track website traffic. What’re more, ML models can be used in such an application, for example, to support sales. Web applications in Python have only one minus. To launch such a web application you need a VPS server. In total, this is also not exactly a problem, because services of this type have recently become cheaper and you can have such a server for about 150 PLN / year. The whole problem boils down to the fact that on this server you have to configure everything yourself and you have to take care of maintaining the server in good condition later.

As for one person, a lot of knowledge to grasp: HTML, CSS, JS, Python, SQL, and DevOps. To begin with, a bit too much. For this reason, I decided to turn toward PHP. This will allow me to put up three of the five planned websites relatively quickly and this will be a good starting point.

In the case of Python, I will focus on data analysis, perhaps one day in a larger team it will be possible to use this knowledge to build a web application.

What’s more, Python and I have different opinions on the subject of variable types. I would very much like him to treat the number as a string, and Python strongly refuses. For this reason, I can not finish the website that I promised my daughter. Demanding from her Project Manager and from time to time she asks for the side I promised her. It’s very motivating and allowed me to first write a Python script that worked, then turn the script into a function. It also works, but already with small problems (you need to enter variables in the right way). Unfortunately, the www application could not start, because if I did not enter a variable to the function using the POST formula, the function either spills out or is frozen.

This led me to a very important issue, which is the selection of the right programming language for the task. Choosing Python for this task turned out to be the wrong choice. Now I will try to write the mechanics of this site in PHP. This language should not “know better” whether a number is a number or a sign 😉 At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

To sum up this week: Python for super calculations, but for websites hmm rather not at the beginning of the road with programming.

In total, I spent on programming this week:

  • 6 hours Python
  • 1 hour PHP

and on the weekend 16 hours with Linux at school 😀

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