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WebApp Strip Expotencial published.

This week, although I didn’t find many hours for programming, I found time to complete a very important project for me, which is “Strip Expotencial”

I started building the “Strip Expotencial” WebApp in Python, but there was a problem with publishing the project on a website. I started to wonder how to deal with it and it quickly turned out that it could be done in JavaScript. I just needed a little knowledge.

If you couldn’t find a solution when you build WebApp use different technology 😉

Last week I started learning JS extensively, and this week I managed to write the mechanics for the project. Of course, like a junior, instead of following the shortest possible path, I started to mess with functions and encountered a series of problems. Finally, I solved these problems when it dawned on me one morning that it could be easier.

The WebApp is there and it works, but as it happens with projects, there are already a few ideas for its improvement. Ideas were saved, but I will come back to them a bit later.

WebApp Strip Expotential website view

The project can be viewed on my GitHub: https://krzysztofnyrek.github.io/STRIP_EXPOTENCIAL/

In the first lesson, mega tricks and specific practical applications are presented. Knowledge will definitely be useful, and after completing this course I will be able to finish WTF and ReactJS with confidence.

For example, if you would like to cut out your CSS background shape, you can use the page:


Another useful resource for this week is a blog post that collects links to free photos for you to use on your website


This week I spent 4 hours programming, but the end of the project was a lot of fun.

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