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It’s time to start the holidays. Admittedly, only from Monday, but I have already given myself a holiday mood, and this week I barely licked programming. Maybe it’s because on the last straight the main goal was to close the topics at work, or maybe because I simply avoid contact with electronics during the holidays and my brain has already turned on the mode of avoiding electronics.

There is no need to dwell on the cause for a long time. I would like to focus more on the benefits of being cut off from electronics during the holidays. I have been practicing this approach for three years. During the holidays, I do not use electronics at all, except for the phone with which I take pictures. There were such holidays that I even put down my phone, but I like to take pictures, and I don’t have any other camera besides that on my phone, so I can’t give up my phone too much. However, I limit my use of it to an absolute minimum.

I believe that by spending 8 – 10 hours in front of the screen every day, during the holidays you can safely leave the screen and take care of admiring nature, reading a book, or spending time with your family in an active way. Thanks to this, after two weeks, I sit down at the computer full of energy. Does something pass me by if I do not look at my phone or computer every day? Probably yes, but does it mean that I will miss the opportunity of a lifetime? In my opinion, the only opportunity I can miss is the chance for a quiet rest and relaxation.

I do not think that without giving up the “world of electronics” it is impossible to relax. It’s just that in my case it works great. Perhaps this is because I have developed a kind of habit, a signal to the body saying more or less that time without electronics is a time to relax. This is not supported by any consultations or research, these are just my observations. Nevertheless, I encourage you to give it a try. Perhaps you will also observe some positive changes in the reception of the holiday after switching off from the virtual world.

No matter what decision you make, I disappear for two weeks. To be heard in August.

Ps. During these 18 weeks, I spent 145 hours learning programming.

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