I went back to a “full-scale” commitment to learning. This week was ruled by the frontend, which I spent more than 10 hours learning. Did I learn anything interesting to inspire you?

It is difficult to find an answer to this question. For me, a few things were new and interesting. Mainly the syntax of the page in HTML. Where to put navigation in the code, where the footer and that the list <ul></ul> is not wrapped in <p></p>. Such technical things that can be found on hundreds of pages about HTML, and yet according to frontend scavengers hardly anyone knows how to arrange the HTML layer on a website well.

I wrote recently about the tool provided by the W3C for validating HTML available at This week I created an HTML layer for the first project and then threw each generated page into the validator. It turned out that I threw a few tags not where I needed to, but it did not take much time to remove the problem. By the way, I drew a quick conclusion that when creating a page template, to copy to subsequent subpages, it is worth first throwing the code into the validator, and only then copying further. I did the opposite, and after detecting the error, I had to spend five times as much time correcting it.

From other thoughts, I caught myself that Git has become indispensable to me, in the sense that without Git I feel discomfort. Since I finished the Git course with Maciej Aniserowicz, I have been using it for every project. It does not matter whether it is only part of training or not. I use it because it gives me the comfort that if anything goes wrong and I break the code, I can go back to the state when the code worked. Not only that, if I find that some functionality is “wrong” I can return to the state before its launch, without deleting it … if I later changed my mind and wanted to use it.

I got so used to these possibilities that when I was modifying the code in VBA to collect data from different places and present it in a full-time job, I felt great discomfort due to the lack of git. Such a curiosity, how easy it is to go from the state: “what’s going on” to the state “where my Git” 🙂

So much for this week. In short, a lot of work, but gives me a lot of fun. For now, the pages are not very strongly styled in CSS so they remind me of those that I created a long time ago. Only the tables are missing, but I’m not going to fight the page layout with <td> and <tr> again… I don’t miss 😉

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